Core Values & Behaviors

Our core values flow from our desire to worship Jesus Christ, follow Him as disciplemakers, and participate in His redemptive mission. These inform and shape our Evergreen Community as we gather and scatter, living out the hope of Jesus in the city.


  1. We receive God’s holy love and extend it to ourselves, others, and the world.

  2. We participate in spiritual disciplines for daily formation.

  3. We make friends and open our hearts and homes with all people.

  4. We give generously of our resources and time, coming alongside those hurting and in need.


  1. We see ourselves as human beings, not human doings.

  2. We create space and cultivate rhythms for contemplation and prayer.

  3. We take time to holistically take care of ourselves and our families.

  4. We sabbath weekly.


  1. We know, live out, and invite others into God’s story of creation, incarnation, re-creation.

  2. We welcome and listen to all people’s stories.

  3. We celebrate God’s story and activity among us.


  1. We forgive and seek reconciliation with neighbors, even our oppressors.

  2. We seek justice for the oppressed and non-violent resolution of conflict.

  3. We receive and extend the peace and wholeness of Christ to ourselves, neighbors, city, and world.

  4. We seek and build relationships with people of peace.


  1. We scatter as a community and are all missionaries  where we live, work, and play.

  2. We make disciples and leaders who make more disciples and leaders.

  3. We listen, discern, and send teams to plant new churches.

  4. We pray for workers to be sent into the Harvest.